AP1/AP2 Cluster to EG & 94/97 Integra harness Installation Instructions (1992-1995 Honda Civic 1994-1997 Acura Integra)

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These installation instructions are for our AP1 and AP2 cluster conversion harnesses into "EG" 1992-1995 Honda Civic and "94/97INT" 1994-1997 Acura Integra.

We have made this installation as easy as possible for just about anyone to do but we highly suggest that this installation is completed by a shop with common electrical knowledge. We are sure you can do this yourself as well but please keep in mind we are not responsible for any damages caused by improper installation.

Tools needed to complete this installation:

  • Short phillips screw driver
  • 10mm socket and ratchet
  • Electrical light tester
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • zip ties


Here are some pictures of the harnesses laid out so that you guys can get familiarized with them before tackling down the installation.


We will be performing this installation on a 1992-1995 Honda Civic. The installation process is exactly the same for 1994-1997 Acura Integra with the exception of the interior trim panels.


Start by removing your original cluster and cluster bezel. Make sure to be easy with the clips as these tend to be brittle and weak. You will need the Phillips screw driver for this.




Once the cluster is loose, carefully disconnect the electrical connectors. These will no longer be used. Tie them down with the Zip ties against the harness running on the back part of the dash board.



We are now going to move to the bottom part of the dashboard.

Start by removing the access cover located under the steering wheel column. Use the phillips screw driver for this part. Remember, be easy on the clips! You are working on a 20+ year old vehicle.

Next, remove the metal brace located under the steering column. You will need the size 10mm socket and ratchet to complete this step.

Once you have removed the brace and have accessed the fuse box and its connectors, locate the harness running from the bottom left portion of the dash to the fuse box. This harness usually has 3-4 connectors that connect to the fuse box. This is exactly where you will need to connect the jumper ends of the AP1/AP2 cluster conversion harness.

Proceed by carefully disconnecting the 4 connectors running down from the dashboard harness into the fuse box. Please note: you will only need to jump or connect 3 out of the 4 connectors onto the conversion harness. The 4th connector will have to be connected back to factory specification.


You will note right away that the connectors at the fuse box indeed match the jumper connectors at the AP1/AP2 harness.


Next, connect the jumper connectors onto the corresponding fuse box slot and connect the connectors coming down from the dash board harness onto the jumpers.

After the 3 jumpers are connected to the fuse box and the connectors from the dash board harness are connected to the jumpers, go ahead and connect the 4th connector back onto the fuse box (some cars only have 3 connectors).

Now, go ahead and connect your Ktuned dash converter to the conversion harness. Keep in mind this is already wired in for you! Just load up your settings onto the converter and plug it right into your harness.


Next up is the ring terminal. This simply goes connected onto chassis GROUND. Use the phillips screw driver to tie it down to any existing bolt with ground. Another option is using a drill and a self tapping screw to bolt it down to any known metal brace with ground.



Ground connected to a known Ground source?

Great! Now that the ground is covered, we are going to move to the Power side of the harness. AP1 cluster harnesses will just have 1 GOLD terminal while the AP2 harnesses will have 2 GOLD terminals.

 AP1 Cluster users: 1 GOLD terminal must go to 12+ volts when IGNITION is ON

AP2 Cluster users: 2 GOLD terminals. Single wire white/red terminal must go to CONSTANT 12+ volts. The other GOLD 2 wire terminal or single "GREEN" wire terminal MUST go to 12+ volts when IGNITION is ON.

These can simply be plugged into the accessory fuse box slots. Make sure to use the electrical wire tester and connect accordingly. Here's a picture of the accessory fuse box slots.


After testing the accessory slots, insert the GOLD terminal/s to the corresponding slot/s. Make sure the terminal is on tight and secure.

You're almost there!!!

At this point you should just be left with a 20-15 inch leg of the harness with the AP1/AP2 cluster connectors.


 This portion of the harness must be ran through a crevice in the dashboard to end right behind the cluster mounting area.

once you have ran the harness through, Connect the cluster connectors onto the cluster.

Once the cluster is connected, you can go ahead and mount it. Don't forget that we offer mounting brackets to make this part much easier! you can find them for sale HERE.



Test to make sure cluster and all functions work accordingly.

ABS, SRS AND EPS must be connected accordingly for those vehicles equipped with such options (check harness picture at the top of this page under "extra wires"). All other cars can simply remove the bulbs to disable function/s with ease.

once the cluster has been mounted and tested,replace all panels and zip tie wires accordingly.


Thanks for your purchase we hope this installation was a success for you, if there's anything we may have missed please let us know!




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