AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness
AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness
AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness
AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness
AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness

AP2 Cluster Conversion Harness

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Looking to change the look and feel on your 90's era Honda? or simply modernize it? Look no further.

The s2000 (AP1/AP2) digital display is just that. Beautifully designed and crafted by Honda's R&D engineers for the Honda S2000 years (1999-2009) It is no question as to why 90's era Honda enthusiasts have made it a MUST for every serious build. This conversion has been very popular yet confusing to install, but with the Total Race Innovations AP1/AP2 cluster conversion harness the install is always a breeze! Saving you time and money in the long run!

No need to have a shop install this for you. We simplified the installation for you so that just about any serious enthusiast can complete this installation with basic tools! 

What is the Total Race Innovations AP1/AP2 cluster conversion harness?

It is a near Plug and play solution/harness (plug and play on select models) that allows the end user to successfully install the AP1/AP2 cluster on the nostalgic 90's era Honda's within minutes! completely hassle free!

Assembled with pride in the USA using m22759 wire, High heat resistant Expand-O-Loom, Raychem SCL at the breakouts along with high quality connectors and terminals for reliability/durability assurance you can count on.


What does the Harness include or come with?

The harnesses are currently being offered for sale alone and do not include anything aside from the conversion harness itself and a link to digital installation instructions. We are currently working on the development of Bezels and mounting hardware/brackets to compliment our harnesses and be offered as "Full Kits". (Mounting hardware/brackets are now available for sale separately for the 92-95 Civic EG models)


Things you will need to successfully complete this installation:

  • User supplied/sourced Honda S2000 AP1 or AP2 display cluster. Users opting for an AP2 cluster MUST use 2004-2005 model year cluster ONLY.
  • KTuned S2000 Dash converter sold separately (this converts the analog Speed, Fuel, and coolant Temperature parameters to be properly displayed digitally)
  • Mounting Brackets & Hardware sold separately (Now available for sale for 92-95 Civic)
  • Cluster Bezel sold separately (commonly found on Ebay made out of ABS or carbon fiber)


Are these harnesses ready to ship?

No! These harnesses along with many other products are built to order. Please allow from 2-3 business days after payment has been completed for the order to be shipped.


 The harnesses are built to be used along with the KTUNED converter and will not work/display reading without one.

Please NOTE: The ktuned converter has been sold in 2 different versions. Version 1  and Version 2. Please make sure to select the correct version when ordering. Version 1 has a "clear" white connector and version 2 has a small "black" connector.



Product Disclaimer

Install product at your OWN risk, TotalRaceInnovations.com designed this product to be installed by mechanically inclined individuals with common electrical automotive knowledge. By buying this product you understand the Terms and Conditions and release TotalRaceInnovations.com of any liability that may arise from misuse, improper installation or user error related incidents.